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His website has no testimonials. Comments are disabled. He has no real office. When we set up a time to meet him face to face all of a sudden he claimed to be out of town. No he won’t call back after getting $999 via paypal. | I contacted Mr. Barry Pope after running across his website doing a google search for CPNs and trade lines. When he finally called me back he came across as a very caring charasmatic man w/ a big voice. He’ll reel you in w/ his charm although my fiance’ was skeptical of him from the very beginning. He said, lets meet with him face to face before giving him any money. I agreed and set up a time when we were available to travel to San Francisco. | The day before we were supposed to meet I called him to confirm and oddly enough he claimed to be in LA. Why would you travel to LA when you have to meet with a potential client in San Francisco. He claims to have clients in SoCal. I just think he doesn’t want to meet his victims. In the meantime I told my brother about his services and he paid him (based on my referral) and now Barry will not answer the phone, return a call, or email me back. | He may not be a scam artist but he is definitely NOT a good business man. I will not refer another person to his business and I hope he gets caught up and stopped before he damages any more lives. | I notice he changes his web presence and number often. Only con artists do that.

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