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G’day All, | Following on from previous email, see copy of content below: | I see that Brainhost have refused to give me my EPP codes to transfer my site, after going to my back office and cancelling ALL pending payments, yes, even those that were previously cancelled years ago, it is now over a week and not only have I NOT received my EPP and confirmation codes, my site is offline and you deem it necessary to charge my card for payments that I have previously informed you that I don not wish to do. On top of this, your system is still showing my asking for epp codes as status “customer reply” which basically means I cannot add comments to the support ticket. | I am informing my card that the charges you have made have been fraudulent (given that I have repeatedly told you NOT to charge my card). | I will be following up through the bank to (hopefully) press charges. | It is now well over a week since I asked for my EPP codes in order to transfer my domain to another provider. | I have noticed that I paid for unlimited hosting for life at a cost of $197.ooUS back in 2011, my back office shows this as cancelled, but you have mysteriously given me a brain host unlimited special package for $166.80 which is active. This is dated (as per my back office) as transacted in 2011. Let me tell you, did not exist in 2011. | Everyone using your services deserves to know how you conduct business, swapping and changing products/services at will, without the users consent, holding the user to ransom and still (with all of that) not putting the domain up for viewing. | All of this is clearly in breach of any/all possible agreement signed, acknowledged or implied. | As such, I will be taking this as far and as vocal as I can. | I STILL WANT MY EPP AND CONFIRMATION CODES – IMMEDIATELY | ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// | G’day! | Well guys, my support ticket has been marked as “customer reply” for a week now. | I asked (a week ago) for authorisation and epp codes of which I am still waiting. | I notice that you still send me awaiting payment for renewing my domain? I already paid for my domain, I also paid a lot of money for hosting for life. | It appears that you are trying to get money out of me for whatever reason you can get away with. | I keep ALL communications (both ways) and it also appears that because I have (bucked) your system you are making me wait. I note that my site has been offline since my request for epp codes, confirmed through 4 different computers all with cleared cache. my site has been offline since my support ticket was raised, and prior to that was only ever online 60% of the time. I have a monitoring agent letting me know when it goes offline and when it returns, I have these emails readily available. | I asked for these codes and I expect these codes, it takes a few keystrokes for you to obtain them. | I am losing revenue through yourselves (brainhost) and will be following up on compensation of such. | However, for now, I expect these codes to be forthcoming. | Thank you in advance.

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