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Brandon Hyundai Review

I leased two vehicles from Brandon Hyundai. When I turned it my 2013 Veloster, they told me the car would be inspected and I would be charged for things that were considered more than ‘normal wear and tear’. | Two months later, I got an invoice for $1,686.69. I understand some of the scratches and scrapes that I should pay for. I did scrape the wheel a few times on the curb. | What really got me was the $261 they charged for wear and tear on the steering wheel. The stitching was worn on the steering wheel. Is that a manufacturing defect? Was that normal wear and tear? That is certainly not excessive wear and tear. | Did I mention that I turned in my Veloster with 1,500 UNDER milage? I called several times and never got any satisfaction. They would not budge on the cost they gave me. They know I want to protect my credit. | I still have my Elantra. I am wondering what my best move is when it’s time to turn that one in.

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