Brannon Estates

Brannon Estates Review

I have lived in Brannon Estates since 2005, and I never had any problem with its HOA Board until a property management company took over the enforcement of covenant laws. I, too, am a black resident. It is interesting to note that I also have experienced harrassment from two neighbors and the HOA. When I needed to have some dead trees removed from my backyard, I was told that I had to go through the HOA’s architectural committee. I filed my request and was told that I had to obtain permission from the county’s arbotist. The arbortist told the committee’s chairperson that his permission was not needed since the trees were on private property. I was then asked to leave the healthy trees up because the resident in the house behind mine did not want to look directly into my yard. I will state for the record that this information was given to me second handily by the HOA and not directly from the neighbor. | Homes in Brannon Estates started at $400,000 when I moved into the neighborhood. I do not know of anyone who would pay that much money (or more) for a house and want to trash their own property value or a neighbor’s.

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