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I arrived on 2/13/20 and departed on 2/15/20. After my departure, I noticed a $100 charge on my debit card. On 2/17/20, I called and Jenni Hallock the Innkeeper answered. She claimed it was a smoking fine and she had to take the room out of service for one night to use an ozone machine. | First, neither my partner nor I smoked in the room. I am not a smoker and my partner is. If you look at the cameras and the keypunch audit, you will see regular intervals of her going out to smoke in our shared vehicle or outside. I am sorry if she might have a smokey odor due to her bad habit but she did NOT smoke in the room. Jenni even saw her smoking in our vehicle as she was cleaning our room where she proceeded to touch all of our personal items including LEGAL marijuana that was sealed and NOT smoked and a sex toy. | When speaking to Jenni, she implied that my partner and I are dishonest. We aren’t! I personally hold an insurance producer license in 26 states where I have to uphold a high level of ethics and integrity. As a professional marketer, I also understand the importance of ethical marketing and public relations. Jenni admitted to my partner when my partner called that she touches or “clean’s up” people’s personal things to actively look for evidence of smoking. It seems as though she is out to start trouble. | Either way, I have also reported the business to the attorney general and if this is not resolved and she does not apologize with sincerity and admit that there was no smoking, I will be escalating even if it costs me more money. I will not let other HONEST customers be treated in this manner. It may only be $100 but its the principle of the situation. I am appalled that a local business would do this. | By the way, I saw the snarky rebuttals to bad reviews on platforms such as Tripadvisor and they reflect poorly. If there is a sincere apology and I get my money back, I would be happy to remove any negative reviews.

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