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Fernando Magalhaes (aka Magal) of Brick Stone & Paver, LLC committed theft from us of $25,000. We signed a contract on January 31, 2015 to secure his services to excavate a hill and build a 14 foot retainer wall on our 1.2 acre residential property. At the time of contract signing, we paid him 25% of the total cost of the job. | Mr Magalhaes verbally quoted us a start date on the project for third week in February, 2015, as he had 2 smaller jobs to finish up before he started ours. Consequently, he did not show up to initiate the project during the 3rd week of February 2015. | Between March and August 2015, we made 6 phone calls to him (all initiated by us), requesting status on a date that he would begin the work. Each time he made an excuse that he was behind with other projects due to weather that occurred in late winter, and would give us another start date with each conversation of 2-4 weeks out. Each time, he did not show up on the date he had promised. | In August, he informed us that he would begin the job November 1, 2015. A final phone call was made November 6, 2015 after he again did not show up for the job. He provided the excuse once again on “getting behind on projects due to weather”. | Following this call, we secured a lawyer to act on our behalf to demand an immediate return of the $25,000 that we paid for work that was never initiated. Upon a conversation with our lawyer, Magalhaes indicated that he did not have the money claiming he spent it on our building materials. When challenged by our lawyer with the solution to send back the materials he purchased to recover the money, more excuses for difficulty in doing this ensued. | Magalhaes agreed to call our lawyer back within 3 days to discuss the situation further. It has been 4 weeks and our lawyer has not received a call back. Our intent on posting this incident is for others to be made aware of this individual and his company

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