I got a vehicle with them and at the time was getting paid weekly so they set me up on bi-weekly payments. After a few months I changed jobs and started working for a school system which only pays monthly. I contacted Bridgecrest to get my payment frequency changed and they said they couldn’t because my account was to new, it had to be at least 6 months old. This led to me being late on payments and gett late fees charged on what was already a ridiculously high interest rate (I’m paying over 250 in interest a month which is more than half of what the payment is). Once my account was old enough to get the frequency rate changed I contacted them and was told my account had to be in good standing with on time payments for the prior 3 months to have that done. | The whole reason I wanted the frequency change in the first place was to be able to not have late payments. I can’t afford to pay more than what I was already paying to get ahead, it’s a trap I can’t dig out of. Selling the car isn’t an option due to their interest rates leaving me with such a negative equity in the vehicle. They call me 6-8 times a day. I used to explain on a daily basis that I now only get paid once a month just to get a phone call from another representative and have to explain the same thing over again. I don’t even answer the phone for them anymore. They are a terrible company to do business with.

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