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Brother International Corporation Review

I bought an expensive all-in-one Brother printer. Not wanting to run out of toner in the middle of running my business I also bought and expensive high yielding toner cartridge. A little over three months of using the printer I ran out of ink and installed the new toner cartridge. | It did not function properly. The print was very light and occasionally it would skip a line. I called Brother and they had me run some test and they confirmed that it was the toner cartridge that was defective not the printer. | Now get this: | When I told them I would return the toner cartridge for them to send me a new one – they said NO! | Brother told me that it had been more than 90 days since I bought the toner cartridge and it wasn’t eligible for a refund! REALLY? They won’t refund my money or replace the product they sold me that they agreed was defective? And, it was just over 90 days – it wasn’t sitting on my shelf for years. | All any of us consumers really want is a fair shake. Well, you won’t get it at Brother. If you buy a Brother product after reading this review you deserve what you get.

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