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Brownie's Independent Transmission Review

I brought my van in to Brownies IT on No Dixie Dr after speaking with them on the phone. My concern was I wanted the transmission fluid changed and the Honda website stated I had to replace a gasket after changing transmission fluid. They assured me no gasket was needed but they only changed $20 to change. Two days before I had my car at Monroe for a tire issue- no warning lights on. Next day I drove my car to white allen to have recall addressed. Transmission light flashed on and off once. White allen said light was never on there. I drove my van from white allen…no warning lights came on ….7 miles. The mileage is important because my car was not located at brownies when it should have been. After hours during the past 11 days I think someone was driving it around because I got a call from someone whom thought they were behind me at a stop light when I thought my car was parked at the lot. My car has a unique in bumper. They went by there for me and said they could not see it anywhere and thought they were behind it at light earlier. A warning light had flashed once. I added 1/4 a can transmission fluid thru the dip stick hole and drove 5 miles to brownies.I parked in rear. I left my van for diagnostics which I was told was free. I authorized a $20 fluid change if needed. I was told I had to leave car overnight for diagnostics as it was late in day. Clearly told them not to remove key. Have a paper where they wrote do not remove key. Key was secured so did not come out without force. Asked them to put it inside garage.; They told me they would but they did not, my daughter drove by after leaving miller lane and van was left outside. They moved it to lot so of building along Dixie Dr. I left key for steering lock asked for a copy of what I authorized when I dropped it off. They would not give a copy of other paper so I took photo. $20. Fluid change Is all I authorized. Next day I called and was given outrageous quote. I drove my van there. No noises. No indication of any problem. Said I would be up but wouldn’t be able to drive it home til tomorrow. There was not going to be a $20 fee as fluid was fine. I get there and get key. I go back later and discover I can’t get car because key is removed. Felt like they should have told me this on the phone or in person when I picked up key and said I would pick up later that night. I mean if I tore up your property I would not wait until you figured it out. I go back next day and manager is busy dealing with people beside my van because those peoples car appeared to have been rear ended while left at brownies. I left key to steering wheel and said call me. Next call two days later, is to tell me how they were replacing my ignition. Not to tell me what happened or to to ask me how to address this just told me they replaced it. I told them I would up to get it. I was told how they did not know the ignition they put in had to have the keys programed. I told them how I wished they would have called me as I did not want it replaced like that, I told him how had he called me I would have informed him he could put they key in the steering column. I told him I need my car. He told me that he had someone coming after hours to program it. I told him to give me a time and I would come up. He said he was leaving the keys in a hiding spot that no employee would be there. I again asked when they person to program key would be there and he said I will pick you up tomorrow morning and bring you to get your car. I told him I did not want him to do that.i told him I did not want ignition replaced. He said he did me a favor for free because they took key out after being told not too. He went on and on about how he was parking car behind gates etc. every point I made he made up more bs. I asked how this programmer would get inside gate, oh we will leave it open. Umm the whole point of putting it in a secure area is to secure the area. Ms Duncan I will personally come pick up and bring you to your car in the morning I replaced the ignition. I hung up. I was upset. I did not want the ignition replaced with 2nd rate products from auto store. I already knew all about why it needed to be done at Honda dealer. I choose not to replace at auto parts store long before this ordeal. He already did it did not ask me and now was acting like he did me a favor. I call sat morning after waiting for this promised ride a good hour after they open…is car ready ? No. Suddenly there is a wiring problem. I did not have a wiring problem. He explains how they created and will now fix wiring problem. I will call you before we close at noon today. 5 to 12 I call them no answer. I go there. My car is inside garage on lift. Place is closed, no one around. Monday no call from brownies. I get a call maybe wedns, demanding a $500 payment. I tell the guy to put the manager on he says he is out. This guy goes on about how he has a Honda and and its worth $2800 to fix the transmission and how the ignition repair is $500. I say when is the manager going to be back. He says tomorrow. I say tell him he needs to call me first thing. I hang up.Next day no call from brownies. I call them and I ask is my car ready for me to pick up. Yes it is I say I do not have a ride to get it until 5. I fully expected an offer to bring it to me since a week ago it was I will pick you up but no. I got a long hurried and loud explanation of how they “gave me” a new ignition as a bonus and that my bill was $2400. I did get calls starting at 6 and I called back at 630 and said I would be in next day. Now I never authorized a new transmission. I secured my key so it was no easy feat to take out. I have 5 kids and no one has removed the key in over a year. I have had the car to 5 places for oil changes, tires, recalls etc and no one has removed the key. I told them not to remove the key. They wrote it down and I verbally stated 3 times do not remove key. I never asked for my ignition to be replaced with some 2nd rate crap. I did not at any time in any form or fashion say I would pay for transmission replacement on a car that I was able to drive. A car that had no lights warning a problem. A car making no noises. I baby this car which is why I was researching why the light flashed once. When I left car the steering wheel locked, yesterday it would not. Yesterday it had a dead battery. I could not have picked it up without more repair. I guess the wiring problem which was created and supposedly fixed was not fixed. I did not respond to a demand of $500. with my credit card number; I responded with tell the manager to call me asap. | If you hired someone to change a light bulb and gave them a key to your house you would expect a new light bulb and your key to open your door. If you came home and found the locks, the $500 locks replaced with a $20 lowes set, a new light fixture when he one you had was fine I am d**n sure the first thing you would say is give me the keys to my door. I asked for keys to my car. I was told no. I put the steering lock on my car and I called a keysmith. I left property and bought a pop. I pull in and they were attempting to break more of my property. They were prying on my steering lock and steering wheel to break it so they could move it but it had a dead battery. Then he lies some more about how he is not doing that and how he did not need to jump it. He is standing there with the charger lying while the guy in the front seat is trying to hide the tool he was using to break the lock. He asked me to give him the key to steering loick I said are you giving me the keys you had made without permission? He said no and said well then I won’t give you a key. I cancel keysmith when he calls cop back. I asked the cop if I could have a key to my car made and he said its civil. I try to have one made at my expense and they tell me to leave. I will be trespassed. I asked for my key. I told them repeatedly that first things first. Give me a key to my property which you had no right to alter. 11 days after I drove my car that had no mechanical problems for a diagnostics and change fluid because the Honda website says I need to replace a plug after I change fluid I do not have my car back, I do not have a working key to ignition and they are tearing up my property some more.

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