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I felt I should share my experience with this boat surveyor. It funny because he was very professional when I called and commissioned him to do the boat survey. He told he would charge a certain price and I felt ok about it. After it was said and done I would never recommend him to anyone. He told me he would take pictures and go over the entire boat to see if everything worked properly. He also said he would give the boat a sea trial. A few days before the inspection I had sent him a message asking him about what time he would be there so I could let the seller know. He texted me that he would do the inspection first thing in the morning. I called the broker and relayed the info. He didn’t show up till 1 hour before the Marina closed. Since he was so late the Marina had already put the boat away for the day. He did not want to wait for them to lower the boat so he left and did not do the inspection and blamed the boat yard for his lack of punctuality. At this point I just wanted my inspection done and he gave an excuse. He promised he would come in two days. Again he said he would do it first thing. He showed up late and said “oh the boat won’t start so I’m out.”. The Marina would jump the boat but he declined. This is the part that I’m pissed about. The Marina offered to jump it but he declined left and charged for a full inspection that did not include a sea trial. I was assured the boat started because the broker took it out and gave me video of the boat running in the ocean. I asked to be charged a discount because I never received a report or pictures of the boat. He just said the dealer dropped the ball. That’s totally wrong. The broker waited all day for him to show up the first day and when he didn’t show till the last hour they had put the boat away. Bubba lacks punctuality and charged me the full amount for his inspection which I still have not received. I asked him if he planned to do the inspection and he said ” I have already been there and the dealer dropped the ball. Too bad I’m charging for my time.” He gave me no information that I couldn’t see from dealer photos. Total scam. Use at you own risk and don’t expect him to give any insight on your future purchase. I asked him why he charged me full price for no survey and he said it’s my time that is worth the charge. Also said I’ll do the sea trial on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I send him a message asking if he got the inspection done and he said “I couldn’t get ahold of anyone.” That’s weird since they are a huge dealer and I was in contact with my broker all day. He is full of it. I’m still waiting for his survey but I’m not holding my breath.

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