Budget Inn

Budget Inn Review

I had to travel to calif i live in colorado so when i got to were i needed to be i seen abudget inn so i stopped and got a room for me and my friend they charged me $169 for the room $100 deposit it was a none smokeing room they donot have smokeing rooms i know why now anyway me and my friend would go to my car to have a smoke so next day i went to check out the guy at counter about broke his neck to run to my room comes back says someone been smokeing in there i told him he was crazy he say come on with me to room he goes to bathroom points at toliot and says here i looked at him like mr were my fried had just got off it and smell pretty bad sowe opened window he guy says i smell smoke how could he smell anything is beyond me it still stunk so he says wont give my money back this is a ip off you could tell guy does this a lot

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