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Report Filed: Budget Truck rentals Contact by ccorporate for a great deal and free packing blankets for my drive from virginia to arizona. Car Carrier was already installed to budget truck, maintance man had to use WD40 to get the cains to work properly and could not get the hitch to disengage. once i reached West Virginia, car carrier was not driving correctly, further investigation found that the break had been engage the enire time although the handle was in the disengage posistion. Break pimion is so rusted and neglected that it actually prevented to car carrier from turning with the truck its self and the wheels on the carrier were not turning the entire trip to west virginia. I called customer service that sunday, they sent out road side assistance, he did not even come to the door he took a picutre and claimed that the driver is at fault. after phone calls and phone calls i finally got a tow truck to pick up the carrier that budget had rented to me. come monday afternoon budget had no idea where the carrier had been delievered and they will call me back. after 2-3 hours they called me back and said the hitch broke do to the driver backing up and i will have to pay an additional 300 for a new carrier. thats what i did, as a disabled vet all i wanted was to go home.the desk clerk at the next budget place said it was policy that budget does not hook up the car carriers because of law issues, yet the first time it had already been attached? i was scheduled to return my truck i rented by tuesday but becuse of the fall back i couldnt leave til monay night. i did not return the truck until sunday the 10th. in which i was told that my account would be left open until the dispute was resolved. i called the manager that monday and she said she would return my call with some results. never called me back but i now have a trasaction on my bank statement for budget for the amount of 480.00, my account is now negative. budget had charged me for the late days plus every mile i drove after tuesday, which is my entire trip from VA to AZ. i never recieved my packing pads they told me i would get and the truck was a mess when i got it. i have pictures, eye witnesses professinals that have and have not seen the damage and it is clear that i did not break the hitch yet budget will not return my phone calls. glendale Nationwide!!

On sept 27 i agreed to rent a truck and car carrier from budget truck rental for 1250.00 for nine days and unlimited miles. i was driving from virginia to arizona, after 5 years in the miltary i am now disabled and no longer fit for active duty so my next move was to go home. I left for west virginia that friday, a 6 hour drive, it was then that the car carrier i noticed was not driving right. that sunday morning i did a walk around the truck and found that the hitch was broken. upon further investigation it was noticable that the break was engaged the enitre time yet the lever was in the disengaged position. resulting in the break of the hitch. the break was so rusted and neglected that the pinion actually prevented the car carrer the ablilty to turn. I called customer service and they sent out road side assistance, at that point the man didnt even come to the front doot instead he took a picture and said it was the drivers fault. after waiting for the assistance ( that had showed with my knowing) i was finally able to get a tow truck out to tow the carrier that i rented from budget. it was then that i explained what had happened and it was concluded that it was just impossible for me to break the hitch, exspecially since there was no damage to the truck. Monday i finally called budget and they have no idea where the dolly was taken to andd they will get back to me. 2-3 hours later it was concluded that i am at fault and need to bay a new dolly. This year i was involved in a fatal car accident and i juat want to go home, so i paid. it was at the new budget store that the clerk told me budget does not hook up the car carrier to the budget truck becuase of liabilty, yet the first time i got it, the dolly was already attached? after paying the 300.00 at a store that was 2 hours out of the way in the opposite direction i was able to start my trip late monday night. I had been schedule to return the equipment on tuesday but because of this i had to return it that sunday, 6 days late. i was told by the budget store that my account will be held open until the despute is resolved, however the manger never called me back after i spoke with her that monday, instead there is now a 600.00 transaction to my account. budget had carged me for the late days and every mile i traveled after tuesday which is my enitre trip. The truck was a mess when i originally rented it. i have pictures of the very poor condition the equipment was in, as well as many eye witness that can testify that this was not my fault, professinal and non professional. on top of it, the second dolly i rented had a crack in the break fluid so it leaked as i drove and i had to refill it. my account is now negative and being a disabled vet i cannot work now, and after this horrible experiance it took all of my money. please help me, no one from budget will talk to me and they stole alot of money from a disabled vet that did numerous tours to middle east. this is uncalled for.

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