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Hilton tax set me up to work online doing AMAZON, the very next day I get a call from Business Venture and at that time the only thing he said was I am going to set up your ADPAC and branding, I stated ok. As he did not say he was a new company, he said nothing expect I am setting up you ADPAC and branding, so one would think that since I had just spoke to Hilton tax Consulting and Alan the account manager told me I would pay NO MORE THAN 7,600 AND NOT A PENNY MORE. WRONG!!!!!!!!! | Business Venture charged me 3,000 and then the day after business Venture called a man from a financial center called and stated he could get me that loan for 0% interest. THAT IS WHEN I REALIZED I HAD JUST BEEN SCAMMED AND BANK OF AMERICA IS BACKING THEM UP……. I EVEN HAVE A LETTER I PRINTED OFF HILTON TAX CONSULTINGS WEBSITE THAT SHOWS THE PEOPLE WRITING IN ABOUT THEM SCAMMING PEOPLE BIG TIME. | THEY ARE NOW CLOSED DOWN (YA THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I KNOW OWE 15,000 AND I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY IT. I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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