C & G Properties of Ocala, LLC.

C & G Properties of Ocala, LLC. Review

He CAN’T Prove the REAL PROPERY Damages that he Claims, $2501.00 – $ 5000.00. Gene’s been trying to sell this place but Apparently he can’t find a BUYER. The Tenant is still here waiting to see what happens.. The tenant does NOT have the financial resources to move at this point.. Call Gene at 352 236-5352 and speak to his Wife Patricia. Gene’s Lawyer is Gary C. SImons, His tel. is 352 732-8944. Gene’s Partner is Dr. Sid. E. Clevinger, his office tel. 352 732-5365. DOES HE KNOW WHAT Try to Illegally Evict a Tenant. | Ronald. E,. Gomillion has been trying to Illegaly Evict a Tenant WITH OUT SUCCESS whose been paying ent for OVER ten years…WhAT’S HIS PROBLEM ???

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