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Got in an accident and a friend of a friend recommended this guy (I know I should have went to a insurance body shop) I took it to the shop and he said he could do the repairs without the deductable and if I wanted the trunk to be fixed from a previous repair before I owned the car then It would just cost a part of the deductable so I dropped it off n thats where the nightmare began.. | shortly after droping off the car the insurance issues the check n mails it to the body shop and myself so I thought it was normal then he stops calling me a month goes buy and numerous times I try n get a hold to see when my car is gonna be done and every time he says the car is done which it’s clearly not cause I would be driving it n that he waa waiting for the bumper.. 30 days goes by and my rental coverage runs out and still no car I tell him and he says he will pay the rental so I’m like ok but now I’m getting worried cause he keeps giving me the fun around n saying waiting for the bumper but we all know it doesn’t take 6 weeks to get a bumper so this whole run around goes on for almost 2 months I had enterprise come to my house n calling me every day about payment which he hadn’t done and that if I didn’t giVe them the payment then I was gonna be charged with embezzling the car since I still had it.. | Finally he says he’s got the bumper but it’s in another shop and he can give me my car but bring it back tomorrow to put the bumper on so I meet up n the car looks horrible not only is the damages poorly repaired but my whole car is painted a garbage paint with tons of blemishes and runs which were not even what was suppose to be fixed. the front bumper the front right fender the rear passages door was to be replaced along with the rear bumper and tail light and not one of those parts was replaced all in all he spent probably 100 dollars worth of bondo n paint and I still have the same screwed up bumper I dropped it off with and pocketed the rest of the 4300 check which he also forged my signature on.. | This guy is a loser if he just actually got a real life and did honest work he might actually get ahead in life instead he drives his shitty 90s tahoe Paisa edition and some vanilla ice 5.0 piece of crap mustang. Needless to say stay away from this guy he works somewhere also off of callens in ventura so if u see this mike tyson voice dumbo eard scumbag please beware he is a scammer he will tell u he can do all kinds of stuff n he doesn’t know what he’s doing as far as body work goes anyways hope this helps keep people from falling into scumbag loser scamm situations like I did

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