Cadence Premier Cargo

Cadence Premier Cargo Review

I began working for this company as a local driver. I switched from local to regional after 60 days of employment. I was told by chuck, from payroll after the first week of regional work as he said, oh by the way we hold back the first weeks pay. It was a Friday, payday and contacted Chuck as to why funds were not deposited in my bank account. I left this company about 30 days later and was never paid for “the check that was held back”, also I was never paid for the first check held back from the original local position when I first began employment. This company tends to cater to the foreign Lithuanian employees. If you are not Lithuanian you will take third seat. Work will also pass by the American employee and givin to the Lithuanians. Discrimination runs rapid within this company. Total amount due from unpaid wages: $1600.00.

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