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FIRST off, do not go to these sites they will corrupt your computer and gather personal information.NOT SAFE- Pop ups every click. and are collecting COPYRIGHT music, brands, videos and photos illegally without permission of the copyright holders. They are targeting cam models mostly. MongerBeep (MFC) is the name of one of the accounts stealing private videos and photos. This person is also associated with MyFreeCams. He has several cam models videos posted on these porn sites listed above most likely other sites not listed as well. Camwhores is a scam site and does not cooperate with the law they say they require your phone number address and other personal information just to file a dmca takedown. They have not respond to any emails to request removal of copyright material yet its been a 2 weeks. It is a pure scam. Completely unauthorized. It states on their site that you must be the maker of the videos and other content or have a written permission to do so but the site is allowing it anyway. If you are a cam model on sites sucjh as , or others you can do a search under your stage name or names used and see what pulls up if you are on these scam sites it will show from camwhores, or several others I cant pronounce. I am providing all the emails available from the sites to report them directly so you can avoid getting your info stolen by going to the site.

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