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I am an officer of the law and private investigator looking for the whereabouts of an American citizen named Daniel Macylmore aka “Mackevili” (dark web alias): he is posing as an “expat” of Cambodia, he is fact does not live there regardless of owning and operating he has also used extortion to obtain which was dedicated to profile his identity and countless accounts of cyber crimes. | Several government law enforcements agencies have a profile on him, sighting ongoing complaints and reports including and not limited to: | -ID theft | -sale of counterfeit American and UK passports | -Extortion/Sextortion | -Blackmail | -Child Exploitation | Criminal reports and contacts: | -Sherrif Kaegan of the Niagara Police Department incident 18-81842 for blackmail/extortion/stalking in the Niagara Region | -RCMP 18-81842 CAFC (Canada with Interpol) | -FBI IC3 refferance 2018-63978 | -FBI field office Houston, TX USA (needing his whereabouts for arrest) | We obtained his “Whatsapp” phone +85589501007 Again, he is American yet moves around (Saudi Arabia, South East Asia, etc to avoid capture) operating in such a way a dark web area of his site. | He uses the guise of an English teacher to victimize and exploit children | My client had his ID stolen, manipulated, published on this criminals site in conjuction with a fake defamatory Fictional story which is clearly not true as attested my many observers whom had posted in protest: thus, Macylmore locked the post to avoid anyone’s right to respond and exposing the many evident inconsistencies proving it is not credible. | Do not attempt direct contact with this criminal as simple email correspondence will furnish him with your home IP/physical address. | He has extorted payment for removal of stolen ID/fake defamatory story which was a hoax. He merely hid the thread, only to reactivate to the top of Google in attempts to re-extort for a larger sum of cash. | He is targeting primarily high profile gaming, poker, entertainers and executives for the said crimes along with users of his website. | His known accomplice has been identified as Charles Dashwood, a failed news contributor turned dark web data miner to finance travel and postings under the alias Gavin_Mac also Cam Navig on many overseas websites. | Contact myself Officer James Malik directly at 416.660.3154 or any of the law enforcement contacts provided above with appropriate case numbers. | A $1000USD reward is being offered for a tip leading to capture, via any of the law enforcement agencies also dedicated email: [email& 160;protected] | I repeat do not attempt email or WhatsApp contact, the many victims report he is a master at locating you to further victimize you. | As with all online extortionists paying him to off proved to only escalate the matter. | Please leave it to the authorities, report your case and his whereabouts. | Thank you kindly for your review and diligence on this career dark web criminal facing a multitude of serious criminal charges.

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