Canine Behavioral Development

Canine Behavioral Development Review

I cannot stress enough what a horrible experience I had with Kevin. His lying and change of story several times throughout the course of my dog’s training is enough to prompt me to steer you away. His communication was poor and not what he said it would be. There were no behavior changes in my dog after 3 weeks of Kevin’s so-called “board and “train”. I will also warn that my dog came home with 2 wounds (a puncture wound and an ulcer) so BEWARE of the lack of concern for your dog’s well being. I was promised money back several times on this date then that date then he was “out of town” and couldn’t pay me. Needless to say, he has not returned any of the promised money. I also received confirmation from the manager at Tyson Kennels that Kevin was boarding several dogs there during the time my dog was being “trained”. There are many many reputable dog trainers in the bay area. This is not one of them.

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