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I had Cape Cod Lumber, Abington, MA sell my contractor pressure treated deck wood for a large deck on my mother’s house in Stoughton, MA. The deck was completed in July of 2014, and the contractor recommended we wait about 6 weeks and then seal the wood.. I chose clear Thompson’s Water Seal and my son and I put it down about 6 weeks after the deck was completed. | Well, after a year and a half the deck started to crack a bit and continued to splinter until it really is now unsafe for my mother to walk on, she is 95. She recently got a splinter in her hand from the railing, so we hope she doesn’t fall on the deck. And the deck looks awful. This is the only place she can go outside where we can watch her so it is unfortunate this happened. | I complained to Cape Cod lumber and Frank and another man came out and looked at it recently, and said the Thompson’s water seal was the cause of the cracking and splintering. | I said the defective wood was the reason for the problem and I have never seen this happen to pressure treated wood on decks and stairs that I had sealed with Thompson’s Water Seal. | I called Thomas Water Seal Company and they did not have much to say. | I have seen many decks look better than this that were 15 years old. Sealed wood should not splinter like this–my mother paid $5,000 for the deck. Now she needs a new deck and certainly cannot afford another $5,000 deck. Frank at Cape Cod refused to do anything and would not take responsibility for their splintering wood either. | This could end up in court as my mother certainly cannot pay for another deck. I am enraged by this poor customer response especially by Cape Cod Lumber Company, Abington, MA. I know that in Massachusetts there is a law that generally states products do have an implied warranty that states products should do what is expected of them. This would also be a good one for investigated reports on T.V.

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