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Capital Acquisitions Review

I have to first start off by saying that the last 3 days have been nothing but pure hell. I checked my emails as I usually do everyday and I received and email from an HR. The name of the company is Capitol Acquistions. truth be told, I don’t remeber even applying to that comapny. The job was for a junior capital marketing assocaite. I was so happy. Not only because my birthday was the very next day but I had been job searching for at least 2 years. | Without any hestation, I called the number back and I was told that the company were in a rush to fill the position and told me that they were giving interviews over the next two days. Of course I didn’t want to go on a job interview on my birthday so I picked the day after. | My interview was scheduled for the mid-morning. When I got there, there were already 3 other people scheduled for an interview. One other lady was for Capitol Acqusitions. We were both called in to be interviewed at the same time. The interview lasted for less than 10 mins. We were asked basic interview questions about ourselves and told basic information about the company. I was also told that I would get a chance to travel to the companies various different offices in the U.S all on the companies dime. She also explained how there are in house promotions. I was told in the interview that I should received a phone call later in the day to discuss details about a second interview, and if I didn’t, not to take it personal. The second interview were to go more in depth about the job. Sounds like the dream job right, WRONG. Keep reading and you’ll find out why. | Later that day, I received a phone call stating that they wanted me to come in for a second interview, I was thrilled and so was my mother. The person told me over the phone that when I was to come in, I were to “shawdow” one of the employees. On Monday, I reported back to the company. I saw the girl that I did my interview with. I was called into one of the hiring managers office and introduced to my trainer. The hiring manager told me that he would be the only perosn that I needed to impress that day. He wished me good luck and off we went. | We got outside and he asked me a few questions about myself as well as my work history. It was me, him and another young lady that had been hired a week before. While we were walking to his car to go to lunch, he bascially give me a run down of the company. He told me that it did’t matter if you had a college degree or if you had years of experience. The company wanted someone that could grow with company and is willing to work and learn. He told me that company gets about 500 applications a week. He also just kept repeating over and over again about how much money I could make. | We he told me that we were going to lunch I assumed he would be treating me and the other young lady that was with us but he didn’t. He brought his own lunch. So, me and her sat in the resturant on our phones watching everyone else eat, hungry. While we were there another gentleman set across from us and starting talking to us about the company. All I can remeber him saying was that we weren’t going to receive a check for the first 3 weeks. What? I’ve heard of 2 weeks but 3. | Lunch was about 30 mins. We got into his car and drove to a residental area in Maryland. He didn’t really explain why were there but all I witnessed was the girl going up to very house on the block asking about a gas and electricty bill. I still was confused as to why she was asking for those documents. Most of the people did not want to talk to us. Some were home and just didn’t bother to open up the door and some just gave us an excuse. I thought we would be there for just a few hours. We literally walked for about 6-7 hours straight in the cold without stopping. Going from block to block. Over and over and over again. I felt like a woman of the night. It was pitch black outside when we left. On the way back to the company we stopped to get coofee and donuts and he told me that when I were to get back, I had to fill out a questinaire about my day. My trainer told me that if the hiring manager liked my answers, I would be called in for a third interview and be hired on the spot, in which I was. I got home at around 10:30 that night with sore calves, feet and back. | I was soooo happy to except. I thought to myself, finally. Tuesday was the day I offcially started. I was happy to go to work that day. This were to be my first real paying job. When I got there, I had to fill out this packet for an Account Executive. It conatined information about tax stuff and well as personal information about me. One of the documents stated that I had to give $15 a week out of my paycheck for car-pooling. I could understand that but I’m getting money taken out of my check that I haven’t even earned yet. Then I found out the job was completly 100% Comission. I was very worried when I read that. If I didn’t meet my qutoa then I would have to work weekends to make up for it. | My job was to get people to change over there gas an electric to ours. if we got a sell, we got money, if when didn’t we got nothing. as you can imagine for this previous day, I was not to happy about it. Basically, I was a pain-handler. I was begging people for money indirectly. It felt embrassing to be exactly. To have people stare at us the entire time were there. I’m also very uncomfortable going into a complete strangers house. Some didn’t speak english. It was at the moment that I realized that this job is not right for me. | When we got back to the office, I told the hiring manager just that and bascially he told me that he didn’t care. He told me that it was my personlity that got me the job because I have no college degree or real experience for that matter. He told me I would never be able to work in cooprate america without a degree but the most hurtly thing he said to me was I had the same chances of getting a job in cooprate america as a convited felony or someone that had a record. WOW. He told me that he didn’t need me to be there due to there high volume of applicants but within the same breath he also wanted me to stay. Confusing right. I really felt like a piece of crap when I was in his office to the point I started to cry. He pretened to care and felt sorry that I stared to cry but I knew he didn’t He said the could replace me and he made 1820 off of me that day. He told me if I were to leave, It would be no big deal to him. | I called my mom and she told me that she found some interesting things about Capitol Acquistions. She contaced the Department of Labor and they had nothing nice to say about that company. There being sued, the company changed it’s name, and it’s basically slave labor. Bottom line is I would never work for that company no matter how money they paid me. no amount of money is worth my dignity or my sanity. I hope whoever reads this takes he to what I’m saying.

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