Carden Capital

Carden Capital Review

Fraudsters Sean Wright and Gavan Duemke of Carden Capital – Carden Investment Partnership, have publicized an investment in Worldflix which was never funded. They are well known fraudsters who have no real money. Due to their bad reputation when the deal was announced that they would do a toxic, death spiral financing with Worldflix the stock fell from .002 to .0002 based on the bad reputation of Carden Capital and their toxic death spiral solutions. Carden Capital and Worldflix have received subpoenas from the SEC and I suspect anyone else doing business with Carden will now get subpoeaned as well. Through my investigations, I have found that Carden capital started shorting Worldflix when the signed the deal knowing that the news that they were doing a toxic death sprial with the company would destroy the value of the stock which it has. Carden shorted from .002 down to .0002 making a killing off of killing Worldflix.

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