I have filed a dispute with CariD for $166.23 charged on 8/15/16. i have emailed CariD and have also left 2 voicemail with the supervisor for CariD and haven’t gotten any responses. On the original receipt the confirmation email said they would attempt to deliver 3 times and after that my bumper would be returned. they said nothing about needing to set up a delivery time nor did they ask for a phone number with me i expected it to be delivered to the shipping address i provided. I received the email stating they tried to call me on a very old number im assuming they got off of my paypal account and that email went to my spam folder and i didnt see it. Once i looked in my spam and saw they tried to contact me i sent an email back and i called the freight company and they told me that the seller told them since they didnt have a phone number they should take it to the junk yard..they never tried to deliver the bumper to my shipping address which was just 15 minutes away from the freight companies main warehouse. The freight company said since technically CARiD is their customer not me that they have to do what CariD told them to do which was to take it to the junk yard. I called CariD and was told to leave a voicemail for the supervisor which i have done twice with no response. I want my money refunded as I never received my bumper and CariD wasted their own time and money by telling the freight company to send the bumper to a junk yard.

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