Cash Energy, Inc.

Cash Energy, Inc. Review

I did an online purchase for oil to be delivered. it is always delivered to my house on tuesdays.come thursday my oil still wasnt delivered. i called cash oil and talked to the manager ralph.he told me it wasnt delivered because the driveway wasnt sanded and that a message was left on my phone. well no message was left on my phone. lie 1, the driveway didnt need sanding. it didnt have any snow on it. i make sure its cleared off every storm.i have been using this oil company for years and never had a problem and we have had lots of worse winters then this driveway was clear. lie 2.then he said well we can deliver today on thursday but its an 50 dollar same day delivery charge. | after i already had it set up for tuesday for rip off. driveway is still the same as the otherday but it couldnt be delivered tuesday but for an extra 50 they can deliver it today? what up with that?the manager ralph was very rude and said for me to get a nother oil company to deliver that they have enough customers that love them and he didnt care about my oil.very poor customer service.if people are smart they will not do buisness with cash oil. then i said i wanted my money credited back to my card today and i will get oil from someone else. i was told they cant do that but they can send me a check. funny they had no problem taking my card the day i ordered oil but they cant give it back to my account now?hmmmmm

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