I filed for a loan on-line. I received a message stating that I had to send $105.00 to start application. Then everytime I sent that money, they contacted me and said I had to send more because of taxes in his state. | Then I had to send more for the taxes in my state. All together I sent money to him with greendot money pack. The total aount sent was $1970.00. I still have the letter sent to me stating that I had to send him $750.00 for arrange agreement copy. I have all my receipts from where I purchased the money packs, and I still have the money pack cards. I also have the name and number of the first person I talked to. | I was suppose to get a $5000.00 loan with a payment of $180.00 monthly. I did not receive anything. I finally realized I was getting screwed when they said I needed to send more moeny. I told them the deal was off and asked for my money back. That never happened, This happened in June of 2014.

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  1. Laurinda Gragg
    June 16, 2020

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