I hired Cassandra McClure in November 2015 when it was just her at her company. Between then and June 2016 she hired stylists underneath her. She was supposed to be my hair and make up artist for my July 3rd wedding and even contacted me at the end of May saying everything was going great and she had the whole day on July 3rd booked off for me. Then on June 7th she texted me to say she had moved to California and one of her other stylists was going to do my wedding. She showed me some work of the girl she was going to send and I agreed since it was less then a month until my wedding and I didn’t really have a choice. Then on June 30th I received a call from another artist who didn’t even know the other one. I told Cassandra I no longer wanted her services becuase she swithed the stylists on me again! Three days before my wedding! | Now she is saying that I am in breach of contract becuase I cancelled her services less then a month before me wedding. She has yet to refund me my money and she did absolutely nothing for me on my wedding day. | I now have a lawyer reviewing the original contract and she is so stubborn that she is making me sue her in small claims court (which I know I will win). She was already in breach of conrract when she moved to California and contracted a different vendor for my wedding. If you hire her, she is just going to give you a gigantic headache. Also, after leaving reviews online it looks like she used to have another buisness called Cassandra Qlure- which has terrible reviews. She must have changed her company name because people left so many bad reviews for her other buisness. | I am going on my honeymoon and then have to come back and sue her. If she were an actual buisness woman she would have known she couldn’t move without telling her existing clients. She also called my wedding low budget. She is not a good person.

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