Cayman Klein

Cayman Klein Review

I am here to report a scam by two individuals, who uses God and giving back and uses people credit to help or advance there livelihood. The two, Cayman Klein and Sarah Jean, AKA, Billy Stelly and Kushpreet Kaur who is their real names. I will just say Sarah is the nice one and Kayman is the one , who seals the deal. Cayman approaches people stating he can help improve their lives by promising just to trust him, verbally, that he will help you start your own business. Keep in mind, he does not offer money until you do the deed, meaning, by cell phones, get personal loans from various organizations, purchase vehicles and buy furniture from Conn’s and other places. He states that this is for Blush Models or for the company, but it is for him, to fool people thinking he is a consultant, when in fact he is a known felon with a record. He has no documentations to prove anything and if he does produces documents, they are not real. | He states by buying phones and other items, is alo used to give back to the community or to help the business. Stay away from him and Sarah. She does all the loan paperwork, which are all fraud. Do not believe anything either one say because they are both liars. They are now in California continuing to scam other people to help continue there way of living. Don’t believe any organization or businesses they are associated with, they have plenty of other people working in the scams, in different businesses, ensuring loans are granted by using false information to the organization you would be receiving your loans or buying automobiles. Please be careful and stay away from both of these people, they are not there to help but to steal, lie, and deceive.

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