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I am a breast cancer survivor and 70 yrs old, living off social security. I decided to send for 2 put trial size of their product, which cost me $4.99. I put on my credit card. It arrived without any paper work or any way to contact them to either call them or cancel. Within two weeks of receiving the trial size, they charged my credit card 99.90 each. I was extremely upset, since I depend only on my social security to be able to pay my rent, my medical bills, and eat. I was devastated! That was in December 2016, just before Christmas! Since there was no way to contact them, I had to just take the financial blow. But, now this month (January. 2017) they did it again. Without any warning, they charged my credit card again for 99. 90 twice !!! I am out of money again!!! Help me please! My credit card company is issued by the government and they cannot help me, unless I change to a new card, the process would hold any future social security checks, until a new card is issued!!

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