Cellairis Review

I brought my HTC10 phone in with a small crack in the screen, but otherwise functioning perfectly, for repair to Cellairis at 13420 W Coal Mine Ave Littleton, CO 80127 on August 1st, 2018. I had called ahead to ensure that they could do the screen replacement. I was charged $146.99 and told it would be done the next day. The first time I went in after a few days, the new screen had a chip, and I was told that it broke when they were installing the Bezel, and had ordered a replacement. | A week later, I went to pick it up, and the screen was still chipped. I needed a phone to travel the next day so I said I would take it anyway. However, the phone would not connect to Verizon. I had to buy a replacement phone to travel ($500). Since then, I have called in or gone to the store weekly and the phone is in pieces and they claim that there is some other technical issue relating to the sim card tray, and they continue to give me the run around on this. | They are asserting that they are not responsible for the additional damage. If the phone breaks while under a repair shop’s control they are responsible for repair or replacement. They keep telling me someone else is going to try and look at it, but it’s never put together or ready for pickup. I need a resolution.

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