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I had been rentiing from Central Self storage for approximately 7 or so months. I never worked in or out of the unit, and used it strictly to hold my apartment furnishings while I work on purchasing a home. Included in my furnishings are two small reptile terrariums, each containing one ball python. The manager Scott whom claimed he had no issues with the snakes laid all the blame on his superior. None of this was a problem, and I attempted to move my snakes 2 days later. Here lies my issues with these rippoffs!! | They called me and informed me that my lock had been cut, and they entered my unit to check if I abandoned it. I received this call on the 8th or 9th, and just paid 220.00 for the month. They also felt compelled to raise my roll up door completely despite the unit being very full and was obvious even if opened a few inches. They gave me a story that during rounds they found the lock cut, and entered the unit. My Arlo camera did not show any activities, until these people cut my lock and illegally opened my locker. I asked them to explain to me why anyone would cut my lock and fail to enter the locker to steal anything. I also asked if they checked their camera footage and they refused. They place a small sticker on your lock and perform daily rounds based upon what they had told me. Therefore, they could narrow the timeline down by a day and easily check their footage. Why do that when THEY cut the lock. | Tonight at 7:30 pm, and after spending the last 4 hours with my 15 year old daughter at the hospital, I get a telephone call from Scott (manager) stating his boss, whom he said was a b**** and wanted him to call animal control and immediately terminate my lease. He tried play it off like he was watching out for my best interest…pathetic. His attitude changed dramatically when I confronted him with allegations that they cut my lock. He attempted to belittle me and the seriousness of the situation. He became insulting, and when I returned insults, he became threatening. I informed him that I would be out by the end of the month, and that I would pursue the matter in court. His exact words were “you all threaten court, but never do It” I asked who is you all?? The other tenants which you illegally breached their units? This pathetic excuse for a person walked away shouting threats, etc. I am not going to say I wasn’t angry and had not insulted him right back. What this place does is unethical and worst, illegal. Beware Central Self Storage.

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  1. Millicent Surrette
    June 16, 2020

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