Certified Graphics, Inc.

Certified Graphics, Inc. Review

I found this company on OfferUp and at the time when I spoke to the owner (John Montplasir) he seemed business minded, so our NonProfit organization called Gods Loving Hands Feeding the Homeless Inc dba Kangaroo House Subs and More contracted him to do a wrap for our 2015 Chevy Cruz LT red in color. I brought the vehicle to his supposed place of business on 2570 Foresthill Blvd and left the keys with a ypung lady at this printing place as he wasn’t there but told me to leave the keys with this young lady. So I spoke to him and said ok. He said it would take 1 day to do but it end up being 2. He uploaded pics for me to approve in stages and I approved 1 stage that he sent to me that included not the Original Kangaroo we have been using because he said to enlarge our preexisting one would make it blurry but he chose one he found online somewhere. Come to find out he used someone elses COPYRIGHTED work without their approval which is a legal issue. Also the rear signage suppose to take up the whole window and when I saw the car after paying him it was a strip in the middle which I never approved. The side rear windows were never approved and are nOt what I was looking for but something larger. The cars wrap was peeling already when he brought it to me but he said it’ll self paste in a week. Based on this alone our Nonprofit wasnt happy with certain things and we tried talking to him and he simply went AWOL on me the REPRESENTATIVE of the company and threatened us with a lawsuit and used N***** this and N***** that. This is not how you do business with people. If there is clearly something wrong you need to make sure you take care of your new customer so that they can tell others. It made no sense for him to go off on us with the problems that we saw with his work. He did GET PAID $1000 to do the work but he needed to fix the issues at hand and not curse me out for bringing this to his attention. Ive already filed a complaint with the BBB in west palm beach. This guy is a very rude individual and a slick sly person. Im not sure if he is really licensed but Im doing my research. Also we asked for the 5 year warrantee he promised us in writing and this guy sends us a paper that has no warrantee on it at all as he stated. He basically told me to go f**k myself at that point. This dude is a rude person to deal with and as time goes by he’ll get whatsm coing to him. I suggest no one do business with him at all.

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