Cheapest in the Land Handyman

Cheapest in the Land Handyman Review

Found this guy through Craigslist “The cheapest in the land Handyman”. He is cheap alright – cheap on work ethic and morals. Had a list of things to do on my home so I could rent it out. He demanded and badgered for money up front. I paid half so he would finish fast. He started several tasks but finished none of them. I kept asking when he was coming back and he kept saying tomorrow or next week. Still never showed. He promised to come out on a Monday and he didn’t show. | I gave him one more chance and said my tenant moves in the following day – once again no show. I had to hire others to come fix and finish the work while tenants were moving in. I also had to take a day off work to finish work so they could move in. Wish I would have researched better and seen the yelp reviews. Same MO for all. Plus he threatened to come to my house. He did the same to another woman on yelp and she feared for her life. I lost 2 weeks of rent waiting for this guy – that is $2,400. Plus lost work, plus paying others to come fix what he messed up. Luckily I used a check to pay $600 – which illegal to collect if you are unlicensed

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