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I hired CARI becqasue he was recommended. He said he was experience but didnt tell my about gone to jail and made life bad for parernts. My son Aditya was taken by mother to USA. I needed some help to get son back. I didnt have any court paper, but Adam Whittington said it was no problem. He said he could go get my son and bring back to Mumbai. I felt good that someone can help, but i didnt expect his scamming me. I trust him. I need his help. | He said he went to get the kid, but since I didnt have a custody i could get son back. he didnt told me to get that. he said he could get Aditaya but then after he tole me he i was the one who mistake. I have recorded his lies when we talk and if you want to hear please send a message. dont trust CARI, Adam Whittington, or his last scam Project rescue child. He took 2,592,800.00 Indian Rupee to get start but never give back any and blocked me. | Make sure to google adam whittington cari arrest. you see he did many bad thing and I dont know what to do now. i have no more money. he took all and my son is in USA. dont trust these scammer. please write message to me for more information. thank you very much

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  1. Kristi Hackmann
    June 16, 2020

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