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Hello, I ordered gGeneral Tso”s Chicken for my grandson, aged 17. He tasted the chicken & he said “I can’t eat this, it doesn’t taste like chicken & it doesn’t taste good. I immediately called China Cafe, spoke to a female, who told me to go back in & they will give me back my money. I asked if I had to go back then & she said no, as she will write it down. I explained to her that I couldn’t go the next day as I was attending a funeral in Atlanta. She said no problem. I had the experience before where I ordered chichen wings & I was short 2, this was never resolved. Two (2) Concerns, China Cafe never remembers speaking to anybody & they are not willing to compromise so my $9.90+ was gone for the General Tso’s. More importantly is China Cafe really cooking chicken & who knows what else.

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