Chipperson Law Group, P.C.

Chipperson Law Group, P.C. Review

I can attest to the above review, the statements mentioned, and it’s full authenticity. The principal "attorney" at this small local IP firm is very difficult to deal with (really in all regards….they are always so rude on the phone, acting like it’a a pain to have to deal with their clients.) To confirm your concerns regarding the complete lack of humanity, dishonesty also plays a part. It is well known that they over-charge & over-bill (the billable hours) from her clients/customers for doing little to no "work." She does so by utilizing her grand scheme of skills (manipulation!) She does so by expressing irrational behavior which also occurs in front of others and behind closed doors with no regard to the firm’s specific clients needs. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, difficult & unreasonable people are not worth the awful hassle, stress, and I would most definitely rather give my hard earned business to a reputable well-recognized & proper legal practice. Rita was one of the worst human beings I have ever come across working with… Definitely a good thing, I decided to get my trademark & patent filed elsewhere.

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