Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Paramus

Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Paramus Review

I bought a brand new 2014 dodge challenger from rt 4 dodge. shortly after purchase the car started having some issues.. it lost it throttle response, brakes squeel, trans shift eratically, rough idle, the paint is absolutely horrible, i can wax it 50 times and a day later, everything and anything sticks to car and no longer has the slick feel. I’ve brought it back to the dealer many times. they tried to fix a turned steeing wheel and broke factory alignment car has not driven right since.Everything else i complained about they said nothing was found although clearly you can hear the brakes, see the bad paint, feel the bad shifting and lack of response. there answer is, nothing was found. This car was my dream car and turned out to be the biggest piece of junk. i recommend anyone to stay away from this dealer.. they will con you into buying all sorts of coverage yet try using it… they will have an excuse as to why your issue isn’t covered. the black paint… this car has more chips then any 2003 vehicle i have looked at to present years.. the value of this car will drop major when i go to sell. and the answer the dealer gave…. road hazzard.. yeah ok a chip hear and there, MAYBE…but this car is RIDDLED with chips and its not even driven in winter. so all in all this car was driven for 1 year and has chips all over the nose and all across the bottom of both doors as if it were sandblasted. my dream car became a nightmare

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