Circles of Care, Inc.

Circles of Care, Inc. Review

I have a heart issue. I was diagnosed with a mitral valve problem and it is debilitating. This night, I was having a problem with my heart that I have too often so naturally I went to the er. Every time I go to the er, they tell me its anxiety and I’m making up illness in my head. Well this time I brought my diagnosis papers with me to prove I have this problem. They said it’s false and that its in my head still so I started crying. I told them I’m afraid that if no one helps me I will go home and die from this illness. I’m 29. Next thing I know I’m being bakeracted. On top of my fear of dying, they force me to go to a crazy home. When I got there, I was crying, terrified, like I was being punished for something I didn’t do. I was treated as if I were a danger to society. | They told me I was put there because my friend said I was suicidal, which never happened. I was very nice to everyone. I have pku and a bad case of gastritis. I couldn’t eat the food they were handing out because the phenylalanine in it would fry my brain cells due to having pku. When I asked the first time if I could eat something else a nurse made fun of me, called me crazy, and said, no eat what’s on the menu or don’t eat at all. Naturally I cried because of this. Crying made me look like a loony to them. With not being able to eat at all, I was having a bad gastritis flare up and vomited twice. They still refused to give me any of my much needed meds for it which was as small as a tums. I was in severe pain crying in agony the whole time. Then they finally gave the OK. But then tooknit away again. | They kept sending me food I couldn’t eat and I was forced to eat something that would hurt my brain, all because my stomach lining was hurting so bad, and I hadn’t eaten and my bowels were green from starving. They also refused to give me my pku supplement, which I need to survive. When I got discharged, I got home and emptied out my bad of belongings they took from me before my stay and found that they took all my money. All if it. I called them and they told me to call back in an hour. Then I called and they said there’s nothing they can do about it and to call back another day, they put me on hold for an hour before I hung up, saying all nurses are with patients which would be false because I called after bed time for patients. I don’t know what to do about this. This is awful and in called for.

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