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I came into this place a month ago & has been a nightmare ever since. It’s been almost 5 weeks later and I still don’t have my car due to this places negligence. I was dealing with who seemed to be the owner Lionel. His rebuilt engine was $1750 cash. His regulation was to pay half up front $875 and the rest when the job was finished. I paid him the other half a week after I had paid him the first half because he had called me to assure me my engine would be finished by that week and wouldn’t be able to release it back to my mechanic until I paid him. He only deals with the rebuilding, not the removal or the putting back in of the engine. So, I had my mechanic of 25 years do that part for me. | First, he took over two weeks just to rebuild and return the engine to my mechanic, but when my mechanic finally put this engine back in the timing block was only at 60% & my car was knocking not wanting to turn on. My car was in worse condition than when I originally presented my engine to him. After my mechanic calls me to tell me the engine was not rebuilt correctly, I then call Lionel. He then had to have my vehicle towed from my mechanics shop to his place of businesse. He proceeds to tell me that his business wasn’t prepared to lift my car up, but kept my vehicle just sitting for an entire week without as much as look at it, meanwhile I’ve had to scrape money for a rental to get to and from work for a week and before that, having to take public transportation & ubers. I am about to lose my job waiting for this man to get this fixed. My job requires me to have a moving vehicle. What should have been a $2700 job, has now become a $3500 nightmare and still going on. I’m going on week 5 and I still don’t have my car. | He called me the day before yesterday to tell me the timing chain was finally dealt with and towed it yesterday back to my mechanic again. When I get yet another phone call from my mechanic saying that my engine is leaking and that he had talked to Lionel to let him know that if he wanted him to remove the engine and put it back in again in order to fix the leak, it would cost him another $860. Lionel refused to pay that and had asked him to remove my tire in order to attempt to tighten whatever screw needed to be tighten. But my mechanic warned me that the approach Lionel was trying to take was a half patched job and knew he had to remove the engine in order to fix the problem correctly and assured me that this engine would leak again, probably after the warranty of one year was up. My mechanic was even nice enough to let Lionel’s mechanic use his shop to fix the work as he has the appropriate equipment, but Lionel refused and insisted in using his own mechanics that weren’t available for yet another week on top of the already 5 week long and extended wait. I then desperately pleaded with him to find someone today, Friday. Knowing he was closed Saturday & Sundays. He proceeded to tell me he couldn’t do anything for me till money. | So I went to my mechanic to see the leak and take pictures and took them back to Lionel to show him proof that it was almost impossible to fix that problem correctly without removing the engine. Then asked for the number to the mechanic that was supposedly working on my car Monday and when getting a hold of him, he proceeds to tell me he wasn’t sure if he could even get this done die to his busy schedule and even if he could, it would take him at least a couple of days to do a job as tedious as this. At this point I was almost in tears. No car, I could I longer afford a rental and their wasn’t even a sure date of when or if this job would even get done. I asked him for my money back but he refused. Leaving me in a vulnerable position. I honestly don’t know what else I’m supposed to do. I just want my car back. | Everyone has been paid for almost 3 weeks now yet my car is still not running. I don’t understand how they’re still in business robbing hard working people of their money. DO NOT trust this man or his workers on your car. They do patchy work with cheap parts. Save yourself your time and money. Also adding that when coming in he specifically told me they only accepted cash and later when looking them up after I had already paid him, I read on his website that they do in fact accept card payments. He has been lying to and still is lying to me from the very beginning. What is supposed to be a brand new rebuilt engine, is leaking and after almost 6 weeks, I still don’t have my car.

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