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CixxFive Concepts Review

Hiring CixxFive Concepts in Richardson TX was the worst thing I could have done for my small business. I trusted them when they said they were ROI focused and could handle all my SEO, ad words and email campaigns. In the last 6 months…..ALL I recieved was a bunch of excuses and lies… no proactive communication, no real professional branding or advertising suggestions, no reports of ongoing progress, graphic work with the quality of a first year designer, NO Calls from their efforts… and a empty bank account. | And where did that leave my company today? I STILL have a messy website with no updates (they claimed to be spending all their time fixing) No ad word campaigns, they never made a single social media post, they did not fix any of my local listings, and I am still uncovering other things that were not done that were supposed to have been done months ago. | In total, I have spent over $6,184.39 for their “services” of which, I believe was a 100% SCAM. | After confronting them, all I have recieved is more excuses and a half of a report containing a couple (3-5) backlinks they claim to have set up. | In a perfect world – I would like my money refunded and a professional apology for almost putting my small company out of business.

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