Classic Plumbing Systems, Inc.

Classic Plumbing Systems, Inc. Review

I have rental property in mahomet illinois, there was a problem with a leaky pipe and spicket. My renter suggested a local business classic plumbing in mahomet, illinois. I called and told them of the problem and it needed to be fixed. | My mistake was not asking for a repair estimate first. I just said it needed to be fixed and to go do it. They did the job, work was done properly, Just needed a couple of unions and a valve replaced) but the bill was considerably more that i thought it should have been. | Turns out when i checked out the prices of the parts used i found that the retail price of all parts if bought at the local retail hardware store in mahomet with retail prices, would have been $39. Classic plumbing charged me $94.00 for the same parts! that’s 235% markup on materials. I think that’s defined with the term “rip-off”! | They’re labor rate is $90 per hr. Which is commensurate with the area businesses so i have no problem with that. I guess i learned a lesson which is: “don’t expect everyone to be as honest and fair as you are when hiring them over the phone”! | I left them a voice mail message to call me…They never did. I told their management in a letter that i would give them a 20% markup on matl’s and sent them a check in payment for that job. You’d think they would call me to discuss it, they never did. | They just sent me a bill back with no referrence to my letter regarding the exorbitant charge for materials, saying i still owed $37 as if they never got my letter at all. I obviously won’t be using them ever again and the blog i put out on my 4 different “scamion” will be a copy of this review.

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