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I am a busy woman, but I want to write this review to warn people about the creator of this calendar, Steven Rosenberg. So I auditioned for this because I model on the side to my career in the financial industry, because at the end of the day I enjoy modeling overall. From the start, (lets nickname him Roro for time sake) Roro was rude and just gave an off vibe. However, after the audition, I left thinking I would not hear back from him because he stressed what a big deal this calendar is and that I would not hear for about 4 months. Well randomly I received a text from Roro 4 months later saying that I was selected and that I had to call to schedule a time slot to shoot. I was ecstatic because I was like, wow this is such an honor, but he was an a-hole from the start. | He talked down to me and inferred that my woman brain lacked the ability to figure out a date to schedule a shoot (and I have 2 degrees and work full time and conduct myself as a business at the end of the day so I did not appreciate it, but did not confront him cuz I thought well maybe he is just a mean person). | I scheduled this shoot on a Monday and took a day off work and booked a hotel in Miami (I live in Tampa), just to come down for this. I got everything prepared and drove down with the intensions of additioning for the calandar. When I got there, there were a whole bunch of pretty girls who looked super intimidated with this guy. I have a strong personality though and deal with men at the corporate level everyday, so I did not care about this guy and his ego. It got sour though after I picked a suit to model and I was setting up the paperwork and he started dropping awful comments about the girls there. There was one boyfriend that attended with his model girlfriend, and Roro just lurked around him and was saying things like “if she wasn’t a woman she would be able to make a schedule for herself” (about this girl that cancelled last second) and “woman dont know how to think like us men”. | First off, the boyfriend was obviously uncomfortable and was not responding to these comments but he just kept insulting all the girls because he saw them as working for him, even though no one got paid for this except the promise of keeping the bathing suit that you modeled (which were cheap and one piece is worth $20, and please, I have over 7 bathing suits worth $300 a piece). We were supposed to leave to the beach to this spot to start shooting but he said it was going to be another couple hours before we actually did. So I just straight up said Im going to enjoy my day off and will meet him at the spot with my own boyfriend, but would rather wait there than his dingy “penthouse”. | After I left, I had to go get a drink to process everything that happened and came to the conclusion that I would not work for this man for free if he is not going to treat me and the other girls as people. I texted this to him and then blocked his number after I looked into him and read a report stating what a creep he is and he does this to everyone (link below). Weeks later, I woke up and saw that he sent me a bunch of email regarding me being a thief for not returning his bathing suit. He went even as far as finding where I work and threatening to call my CEO by calling him by name. He was super crazy and wanted to sue me over “stealing” a $50 suit (top and bottom) even though the terms of the shoot was that I got to keep it. He wrote three emails in total and was just acting like an angry lonely old man with nothing better to do than persecute me. Overall I dont give a d**n over this suit (it was fugly) but the fact that he threatened me to report me to the CEO of my company was too far. I went to the police and filed a defamation of character and got a restraining order against this guy. | After everything I have been through with this dumb shoot, I want to warn any girl to stay away because this guy is a womanizer (even though he exploited them and makes money off of it) and a harasser. Don’t buy this calendar either, these poor girls are being exploited and I cant stress what a bad person Roro is. I am a very nice and cordial business lady, but when I am threatened and repeatedly insulted, I dont take it lightly. Now Im in a mess pressing charges against this m**o who is about as creepy as it gets. I wish everyone the best, but not to you Roro, I hope your stupid calendar shuts down and you never take advantage of pretty girls again. |

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