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Report Filed: Click Sales Inc. 2011 Click Sales Inc., Click Bank, Affiliate = hme12.yahooron Sales pitch from unknown individual which reeked potential ripoff hoax, scheme or scam to avoid Boise, Indiana!!

The presentation was professional except for the lack of the individual’s identification, location, etc. which is a red flag that this certainly could be a potential fraud, abuse, waste, criminal or other wrongdoing, violation of civil rights, violation of civil liberties or other ongoing assaults against humanity in our vulture of corruption where crimes and wrongdoings, including lesser indefensible violaiton practices are justifed with relativisms’ there is no right or wrong, there are no absolutes, except that there are no absolutes, and other nonsense. Even when you advanced into the next page that contained information of seller who turned out not to be an individual, instead the company’s statements seemed absolutely defensive like they have had problems and a lot of them, stating that they had my e-mail address, etc. and suggesting that they would bill me anyway regardless if I did not complete the page or not. I don’t have the time to waste with sellers who fail to present themselves with integrity, especially when they first part of the presentation suggested a hero of humanity that turned out to be a potential fragment of their imagination! There were no supporting absolutely essential vital empirical prima facie forensic evidence and related facts that their claims were anything except promising us the world and the potential of giving us nothing in return for our time and money. I suggest that if the potential impostor professionals are indeed genuine professionals with integrity, that they treat their potential customers with complete satisfaction guaranteed to maximize their sales… if indeed their product is legitimate! It never ocurred to the professionals that they should suggest or insist on any improvements in their marketing and technical systems’ presentations? Treat customers as human beings and be ready, willing and able to provide evidence and name of the hero of humanity that has the technological protections of our government, if any such person exists? There are too many questions raised by lack of absolutely essential information for most customers, except those that are desperate or too trusting, to maximize sales under the existing lacks, etc. These are all questions that I and so many other potential customers are still seeking answers too. These questions are subject to errors and corrections. I am not a professional and do not represent myself as one. Seek your own professionals.

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