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Cloud Roofing Company Review

I hired Cloud Roofing because my agent at State Farm referred them. I has been nothing but a nightmare! | They took my satellite dish off the roof, and took it with them. They claimed that since I didn’t want it put back, that it was ok to take it. The insurance paid for removal/reinstall, but they took my dish. | They didn’t properly install the new roof turbines. They put a total of 9 (roof only has two), because they were making a lot of noise at night when the wind blew. I lost a lot of sleep from the noise. They told me if I still had problems, to contact the manufacturer. I contacted the Lomanco Rep, and he came to my home. We went into the attic and he showed me that the reason the turbines were making the noise is, the roofers didn’t properly install the BASE. There weren’t enough screws in them to keep them from flopping up and down. | I had to call them back out to re-attach the gutters over the garage because it was not correctly attached. Now, when it rains, water gets in my garage. NOT acceptable. | When I talked to Steve Cantrell, with Cloud Roofing, and told him my gutters weren’t right, he said I had to contact the original installers. I did that, and they want over $600.00 to put them in right.. I got estimates from other vendors that will charge less than $250.00. | I asked Steve Cantrell repeatedly for the name and company of who he had reinstall my gutters, etc. and he refused. This tells me he was using untrained/unlicensed labor. | DO NOT USE CLOUD ROOFING!

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