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I gave my daughter a Fitness Membership as a Christmas Gift a few yrs ago. I signed up and let them use my credit card on file to bill my monthly dues. A yr. later my daughter was incarcerated. I visited the facility to cancel membership. They told me I needed her ID etc. I told them that they were charging my credit card and I want it cancelled. They gave me acct and told me to write a letter to an address they gave me. I did so. after 2 weeks I got an email saying they need my daughter to cancel it. I got fed up and put a “Frezze” on the membership, which they offer for 3 months. Then I sent them an email to cancel the membership. Well, i thought all was fine till I noticed they are still charging me. So they owe me about $200.00. I just called my credit card and closed the acct and had them reissue me a new acct. . Please note that if you do this to make sure the credit card co removes the recurring charges from the new acct.

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