I have been with JD Byrider for nearly 6 months now and have made every payment on time (including the down payment rebate) and the one time I fall short of a payment 3 days late (so far) I get harassed and threatened. My girlfriend was put on bedrest during her pregnancy yet still requires a vehicle for emergency purposes since I work 2nd shift, not to mention we’re paid on opposite weeks. I spoke to a CNAC rep and told them that I will be submitting a payment on the following Friday and the first thing I was asked was if I had family or friends who could give me the money in order to make a payment, as if people I know are rich like that. Not only that but they claimed that since I’m considered a “new driver” there is no way that there can be a grant of an extension. Now correct me if I’m wrong but even banks grant at least a 10 day extension. I’ve read reviews submitted regarding JD Byrider and CNAC and have since found out a case where a woman went in to labor the day before a payment was due and given that she couldn’t manage a payment on THAT day, they called and harassed her constantly and threatened (I believe have even) repossessed the vehicle.

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