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I drive a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon and have had several repairs done on it at Cocoa Hyundai, I purchased my car used and unfortunately found out afterwards it needed many repairs, so far I have spent thousands of dollars on repairs to my Hyundai at Cocoa Hyundai, at first I was looking to have firestone do the repairs, but they misdiagnosed an issue with my car before and I no longer take my car to Firestone for repairs. | My car had not been detailed in quite a long while so I recently took my Hyundai to Cocoa Hyundai to have it detailed with their most expensive detail package, costing $140, where they are supposed to do a throough job of cleaning your car including shampooing the carpets and car seats and scrubbing them. | However when I received my car back it was only partly detailed. THey cleaned the inside of the doors and applied armor all to the doors, however they never cleaned the dashboard, several stains that were on the daashboard were still there when I had my car back, and no armor all was applied to the dashboard. | Also I found dirt in the rear seats of my car, that had been there when I first brought my car in, and was still there, also a stain on the front passenger seat was still on the seat when I had my car back, and I cleaned it myself and it very easily came out of the seat, it was not a permanent, uncleanable stain. | I was also skeptical that they washed my car and waxed it like they were supposed to do, as I found dirt on the rear bumper afterwards, however it does appear that they did wash and wax my car, because when it rained I could see the raindrops beading on my car like they do on a waxed car. So it appears that they did that although I still found some stains on the exterior of my car after I had it back. | This entire episode makes me very angry, when you put a car in to be detailed, the entire car should be detailed, not just parts of it, I now suspect the quality of the work they had been done on my car before, and now wonder if they only did partly the repairs that I paid so much money for, including a new clutch, new brake fluid pump, new timing belt, and a fix to a valve cover leak, all of which cost me thousands of dollars. | Also I am concerned that the Cocoa Hyundai employees are helping people to commit theft and fraud against me. I do not help other people to pay for their auto repairs, and I do not help other people to purchase automobiles, I believe that Cocoa Hyundai employees have been helping people commit fraud against me by claiming differently about me. Also I believe the employees have been trying to secretly record my conversations without my consent, against the law in Florida. I have had problems with people stalking me when I have been at Cocoa Hyundai, every time I went there, I went by myself, and was not meeting with and/or making transactions with other visitors to Cocoa Hyundai, other than paying for my repairs and detail, for myself only. I have never visited Cocoa Hyundai with the intent to purchase an automobile, and never help others to purchase automobiles | I had a sign made by Fedex off saying “Cocoa Hyundai Rip Off and Fraud” and plan to picket at Cocoa Hyundai with my sign in the future. I am also making other complaints on other websites. I advise people to stay away from and not do business with Cocoa Hyundai.

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