Report Filed: coinbase, Coinbase, Inc. Coinbase The Great Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme San Francisco California!!

For anyone thinking about registering with Coinbase, please read because you may think again: I had just finished the long and arduous process of verifying my personal and bank information. According to Coinbase, I was allowed to purchase up to $3,000 worth of Bitcoins per day. I assumed this would be a smooth transaction, considering the fact that I had already completed 2 successful transactions on their site, I had no reason to think this would turn out to be such a nightmare experience. I waited patiently for the price of Bitcoin to fall, and when it did, I tried to buy 7.50 Bitcoins(BTC) for $2,966.97. I received an automated email confirming the transaction, and that the Bitcoins would be in my account(wallet) by next week. I was concerned because nothing appeared on my dashboard that showed that any transaction had happened. The only thing that did happen was the 3k yanked out of my bank account! I spoke with live chat representative “Luke”” who was not helpful. He simply stated it was out of his hands and to email [email protected] I get a response: James MacWhyte replied: “”Iu2019m going to pass this along to my supervisors to make sure itu2019s resolved correctly. Theyu2019ll get back to you as quickly as they can. Iu2019m sorry for the trouble! Hurley Customer Support Team”” I sent numerous emails and waited for days and no word from the “”supervisor””. This is a matter of concern for anyone who is thinking about using them because if their whole system is based around email

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