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Report Filed: Colorado Prime Foods ripoff claimed to send restaurant quality food at below market prices. Actually cost 3-4 times! They use bullying techniques and delays and misrepresent hoping clients will get exhausted and give up. Farmingdale New York!!

Representative claimed they would deliver restaurant quality food to my home at less than supermarket prices. Stated they would go over the order on delivery and make adjustments for errors. Found cooler on porch and called to discuss errors. They refused to give me itemized prices on what I had received which was all vegetables, pasta, fruit juice and the wrong roast and 2 pkgs of chicken when I ordered 1 pkg. All the combination dinners, fish and meats were not shipped and I was required to go to the market to buy the meat to accompany veggies. They stated they would ship the rest in several weeks. I cancelled the agreement immediately because they wouldn’t give me an accounting of the charges for what I had received. I subsequently received a bill for $345.86. I was credited $41.73 for a 3 lb roast and 6 small 1/2 chicken breasts which means that I was paying approx $10.43 for a sirloin tip roast I hadn’t ordered and 6 small pieces of chicken. I never received the rest of the order as I cancelled the deal but was charged for it. I requested again an itemized statement and again was told that it was impossible. I was told I had to speak to a certain rep. who wasn’t available and would be on vacation for 2 weeks. In the meantime a billing company sent a bill with a $29 late fee. I called them explaining that the bill was being disputed and was told that I had to pay the full amount to avoid the late charge even though I didn’t know how much to pay. Finally contacted my attorney who notified them of the issues. By this time months had passed and many letters and phonecalls to no avail. 10/21/03 received a call from Colorado Prime. I had stated that I priced the items I had recevied at the local Von’s supermarket and the charges came to $44.17 and I was being charged $140. After much discussion I agreed to pay $100 for $44.17 worth of regular market food and they agreed to waive the late charges and close the account. They use bullying techniques and delays and misrepresent hoping clients will get exhausted and give up. This became a moral issue with me as well as exposing fraud. I finally gave in and overpaid them $60 to get it over with. Small price for lesson learned. Hopefully this will expose their fraudulent tactics so others won’t be caught in the same mess. Mary pat La Jolla, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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