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Feb 24, 2016 – Representative from CC&BS (Robert Colins) telephoned me asking if I would be interested in selling my timeshare in Mexico. | Feb 29, 2016 – Representative from CC&BS (Steve McKay) confirmed by email that the sale would be closed on April 1, 2016. I was asked to wire 3,179 USD to cover the Notario Fee which would be reimbursed at closing. | Mar 14, 2016 – Steve McKay confirmed by email that in order to close the sale I would need to wire an additional Sat Tax amount totaling 5,491 USD which would be reimbursed at closing. | Apr 4-22, 2016 – Email exchange with Steve McKay where he requested an additional payment of 3,865 USD for Closing & Administration. I asked to speak to 2-3 customers whose deals had already closed before sending what was to be the last payment. Although I spoke to two men over the phone I still had trepidation that this sale would not come to fruition. Both men were sketchy as to how many payments they made but ultimately both said only 3 payments. Anxious to get this over with, I sent what I thought would be the final payment. I even asked Steve McKay to confirm to me in writing that this was to be the final payment and if I was not going to be asked to make any more transfers. If more money was needed from me to close the deal, then I could choose to have a full refund of all monies paid to date. This Letter of Guarantee was provided by Steve McKay but it obviously doesn’t hold water. | May 2-3, 2016 – Email exchanged with Steve McKay confirming my request to refund all monies paid, and that status of escrow account was to be changed so that I could receive my refund within 30 days. I sent a mail on May 3rd requesting a refund in Canadian dollars since the exchange rates had changed considerably since the funds had been wired, and in order to receive “all fees and expenses” they owed me a total of 17,094.21 CAD or 13,839.22 USD. I was then notified that Steve McKay had left the organization and Nathan Blanco, in charge of Accounting, was my new contact. | Jun 1-2, 2016 – Nathan said that I would have to pay a Certificate of Release Fee in the amount of 4,360 USD to close the deal, or I could cancel the sale altogether by paying a cancellation fee. I summarized some of the interactions I had had with his predecessor ultimately requesting a Guarantee letter that the transfer of 4,360 USD for the Certificate of Release would be the last payment made to close the sale and that I would receive my proceeds from the timeshare sale within 72 hours. The 2nd Letter of Guarantee was provided to me, but of course, it meant nothing. | Jun 6-9, 2016 –Exchanged emails with Nathan Blanco confirming I had made the last wire transfer for the Certificate of Release. | Jun 13, 2016 – Email from Nathan Blanco received requesting an additional payment for the Fideicomiso. I replied by email stating that I would not be sending further payments and that based on the Letter of Guarantee, they should refund all of the payments I had made to date including expenses. | There were numerous telephone exchanges as well with both Steve McKay and Nathan Blanco between Feb 24, 2016 and July/August 2016. At one time Nathan told me he would give me a 20% discount on the cancellation fee. I repeatedly asked him to take it out of the money I had already transferred to them and he said that he couldn’t. When I brought up the fact that Steve McKay had said the status of the escrow account could be changed so that CC&BC could access the money, he said that he couldn’t do that.

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