Continental Warranty MCG Enterprises

Continental Warranty MCG Enterprises Review

Report Filed: Continental Warranty MCG Enterprises canceled extended vehicle warrenty after 2 years and told you will get a refund on the remaining warrenty!!! Lynnwood Washington!!

I bought the extended warrenty form cintinental warrenty in august 2005. I sold the vehicle in august 2007. So I called to cancel the warrenty and get the refund on the remaining warrenty. I sent them all the papers that they said I needed to. I had not recieved a refund on october 19th 2007, so I called to see what was going on. I was informed that there was no refund because they had paid one bill of 500 and some dollars and that I had drove to many miles per year. I was mad because I still had 16000 miles left on the warrenty and more than 2 years.I just wasted 1750.00 ,because I had several break downs and I had to pay for them myself. When I bought the policy they said that they cover everything but regular wear and tear parts witch I understood, but they did not even cover mechanical breakdowns. Even the place where I had the repairs done could not believe that some of the parts where not covered.Save your money,because continental warrenty is a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!! Bobby moriah, New YorkU.S.A.

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